Case Solved with Genetic Genealogy

Suspect Identified in 11-year-old Cold Case Homicide of Jodine Serrin

CARLSBAD, Calif – The City of Carlsbad Police Department with the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office announced today that a suspect has been identified in the 2007 murder of Jodine Serrin.

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2007, 39-year-old Jodine Serrin was found brutally murdered in her condominium located in the 1900 block of Swallow Lane in Carlsbad.

 Since February 14, 2007, investigators have worked continuously to solve the murder.

Through the recent advancement of DNA matching technology and with the assistance of genealogical experts, investigators were able to match DNA evidence with suspect David Mabrito.

Mabrito, a single male transient, died from suicide in 2011.  He was 38-years-old at the time of the crime.

The Carlsbad Police Department would like to thank all those that have assisted in this 11-year investigation.  This includes but is not limited to District Attorney Summer Stephan, North County Chief District Attorney, Bill Mitchell, District Attorney Investigator Tony Johnson, Forensic Genealogists Barbara Rae-Venter and Colleen Fitzpatrick, Parabon NanoLabs, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office Crime Lab and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

“We are thankful to provide a resolution of this case to Jodine’s family,” stated Police Chief Neil Gallucci. “We never forgot Jodine and we are grateful to have identified the person responsible for her tragic murder.”

The Serrin family asked the Police Department to relay, “Jodine taught us all with her special challenges, perseverance and love of nature. There was joy in her laughter, love in her heart and faith in her soul. The Serrin family is forever grateful to the Carlsbad Police Department for their outstanding efforts in attaining justice through resolution of this tragic case.” The Serrin’s also found support from the National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children. They have asked that their privacy be respected at this time.

11 years later, the search for Jodi’s killer continues with help from the press and the community.

We had inquiries from several local press outlets today.  We are grateful for the continued support and interest from the community in helping us solve this case. Links to some of the news stories are included below.

Technology has allowed us to show the public an image of what the killer may have looked like in 2007.  The image is based on genetic predictions from the suspect’s DNA profile. It is an impressive scientific capability, but without the help of the community it’s just a face.

We first released this high-tech suspect composite on 2/14/2017.  Over the past year, it has generated several tips.  We are asking for more.  Please contact us if you believe you have information that can help solve this case.

New Technology = New Tips in Cold Case

During a press conference that was held on 2/14/2017, ten years after the murder of Jodine Serrin, investigators released a DNA based Snapshot ® composite created by Parabon NanoLabs depicting an image of what the suspect may have looked like. The composite is based on genetic predictions and witness input.

Investigators also announced a new website ( ) that is  dedicated to the investigation.  The website contains information about the case and makes it simple to share the Snapshot ® composite and information about the case on social media.  The website also has areas where viewers can provide tips to the investigative team. The investigative team is hopeful that the vast reach of social media will increase the potential for help from the public.

The combination of technologies applied to this investigation has facilitated  collaboration with the public  and has already resulted in several tips.  The development of new information in unsolved cases is encouraging.  Investigators are reviewing tips and conducting related follow-ups where appropriate.

If you believe that you have information that could help this investigation, you are encouraged to share it with the investigative team.

Unsolved Homicide undergoes a new Cold Case Review

On 2-14-2017, it will have been 10 years since Jodine Serrin was found senselessly murdered.  Since that date, a tremendous amount of on-going investigative effort has taken place. Leads that have been developed through good investigative work and tips from the public have been pursued, advancements in the capabilities of forensic science have been utilized, and the Carlsbad Police Department has been assisted by law multiple enforcement agencies and the news media throughout this investigation. While the efforts made in this investigation have not yet resulted in the arrest of the person responsible for this tragic murder, the Carlsbad Police Department remains persistent in efforts to solve this case. Help us bring the person responsible for her horrible death to justice. We are asking anyone with information to contact us.