Indoor Crime Scene


The murder occurred inside Jondine Serrin’s condominium located on Swallow Lane in the south end of Carlsbad. She lived by herself in a ground level unit. The doors were locked and the security chain lock had been set from the inside on front door.

Her parents opened the lock with their key, but her father had to force entry through the chain lock.

Jodine was found murdered in her bedroom. She had been raped, beaten and strangled. She had been dead for several hours before she was found.

When Jodine’s parents arrived unexpectedly, the killer was still there. Jodine’s father observed a man engaged in sexual activity with Jodine in her bedroom, not realizing that the man had already killed her. Her father told that man to put his pants on and get out.

Her parents, who thought they had interrupted a private moment, allowed the two some privacy.  The killer was able to exit the condominium undetected before Jodine’s parents discovered that she had been murdered.

The killer probably escaped through the open front door, which was not visible from where her parents were waiting in the living room.

Two residents of the complex reported seeing a man running south through some bushes in the area around the time that the crime was being discovered.

Conditions at the scene indicate that the killer did not force entry, which could indicate that he was someone that Jodine knew and that he was invited in.

Conditions throughout the condominium also indicate that the killer was there for several hours and moved freely throughout the condominium.  This may indicate a level of comfort by the killer, knowing that she lived alone and believing that he would not be interrupted.