Jodine Elizabeth Serrin

Jodine was known as “Jodi” to family and friends. While she was an innocent victim of a senseless murder, the tragic and unforgettable2016-11-08-15_54_26-greenshot circumstances of her death should not overshadow what a beautiful person she was in life. She was described as having a gentle heart and loving ways that touched those who knew her.

Jodine Serrin was born in Glendale, California. She grew up in Walton Hills, Ohio, and graduated in 1986 from Bedford High School. She loved making flower arrangements.  After the family moved to Carlsbad, CA, Jodi earned a certificate in floral design. Jodi loved animals.

She enjoyed horseback riding, ice-skating, biking, crafts, and kayaking and she found peace and comfort in taking long walks along the beach.jodine-2

Jodine loved helping others, especially homebound senior citizens. She enjoyed volunteering at her church and the Humane Society. She was friendly and trusting.

Jodine lived independently for nearly 10 years. Her parents bought a condo in the La Costa area of Carlsbad so that she would be nearby. She needed her family’s support regularly due to her mental disabilities. She did not drive and she relied on family, friends and public transportation to get around.

Jodine was grateful for the support from the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI). She was an enthusiastic Walk-A-Thon fundraiser for various groups each year. She treasured the time she spent with her friends and her life was centered on activities through Mariposa Club (Oceanside), Bread of Life (Oceanside), Copper Hill Friends Club House (Vista), and NAMI.