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The rise of mobile and smart devices are changing our habits in many ways. One of these most fundamental facets is health, not only because of the improvements that you can get but also because of the importance of these by affecting the most fundamental aspect of our life. The goal is clear, to improve both our health and help us take care of those we love the most.


Mobile devices that help take care of your health

These improvements have two clear aspects. First, the existence of devices that allow better control of basic aspects related to our health. These range from the mobile phone from which we can control our physical activity by counting our steps or the distance we walk, to our hours of sleep and fundamentally other smart devices such as watches or SmartWatch in which we already control the activity more accurately. while monitoring important points such as heart rate. But there are many more, including some specific for ailments and diseases (diabetes, hypertension, etc.).

The essential point is to know how to take advantage of the advantages of these devices and that we do not fall into the negligence of abandoning their use. Always in the first days, we have greater control of our exercise, our sleep patterns, food intake, physical exercise trips … but many times we quickly abandon them. One way to encourage them is to have goals and overcome challenges, but especially that we are aware of the achievements we have and their results.

Mobile apps

It is at this point where applications come into play that, based on the data and information provided by the devices, not only interpret it so that we understand and see the results more clearly and easily, but also seek to motivate us so that this search improvement of health is achieved in the long term.

In fact, in addition to being able to download or purchase applications, we already have them even come standard on our phones, as with Health, the iPhone application. Divided into four areas: Activity, Sleep, Mindfulness, and Nutrition, it monitors variables as important as heart rate, kilocalories consumed in real-time, the steps we have taken, hours of sleep, and even warns us when we have been spending too long sitting or when we should take a minute to breathe deeply. Although many of these variables are obtained directly by the phone, it is still true that the experience improves significantly with the Apple Watch.

But there are many examples, from sports companies like Nike + Running by Nike or Endomondo by Under Armor or independent ones like Runtastic are highly valued applications to control both our exercise and its progress.

But this is not the only field of the help of the applications to take care of our health, some give us information or guide us in special moments. One of the most successful is Pregnancy +, a pregnancy monitoring guide that not only informs and advises us about its evolution week by week, with texts, videos, and graphics but also reminds us of the times when it is necessary to go to the gynecologist or take a test.

Another example is the award-winning pediatric developed by three specialists from the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona, with which parents of children up to 12 years old will have all the updated information on their children’s health, with practical advice and explanations of more ailments. common and information very focused also on prevention.

New technologies have become a great ally for our health care.

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